Services provided by The Kally Group (TKG) include tax accounting, entity formation, business management, tax planning/preparation and entrepreneurial training.


Tax Accounting

  • Financial - we create a customized chart of account, process and record revenue activity, and generate financial reports used by external sources to make financially sound decisions concerning your company. 
  • Managerial - we compile financial data generated by your company intended for internal use; specialized information used by the directors, officers and manager of the company.


Entity Formation

  • Creating a business is relatively simple, but the question of whether or not to form a legal entity is complex.
  • There are seven fundamental questions to consider before engaging the formation process.
  • Dissolution of a legal entity is more complex than its formation.

TKG can assist in answering those questions to ensure your goals, intentions, as well as regulatory requirements are met both before and after formation.


Business Management

  • Time is money (are you mismanaging both?)
  • Where in time (inception, growth, maturity, decline) is your business?

The going concern of business involves coordinating human, financial, and material resources to achieve your company's objectives.  The Kally Group's "early detection strategies" (EDS) will assist you in determining the "where in time" position of your business and prepare it for an abundant future.


Tax Planning and Preparation

  • In business, each transaction is a taxable event.
  • Procrastination in planning will, in all likelihood, lead to the dissolution of your business.

The principals at The Kally Group have over 30 years of experience in tax planning and preparation. Let us assist you in maximizing the net effects of your taxable events.


Entrepreneur Education

  • Achieving Financial Independence through Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Educational Materials

The Kally Group's Entrepreneur Education Division has developed material and hosts programs designed to educate attendees of the realities and introduce youth to the process of business ownership.



In rendering services, we adhere to the standards, practices, and rules of:

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Departments of Revenue & Labor (DOR & DOL)
  • Office of the Secretary of State
  • State and Local Municipalities
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)


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