The Kally Group, Inc.

An Entity Structuring, Accounting, Taxation (ESAT), and Entrepreneur Education Firm  (since 2004)

The Kally Group is an ESAT advisory and entrepreneur education firm specializing in providing information and services to business owners, their officers, and individuals considering business ownership.


In business, every transaction is a taxable event.  Each event consists of principles, practices, and processes governing the structural design and going concern of the chosen entity.


Choosing to start a business is simple.  Choosing the entity structure that is right for you can be complex.  Taxation and accounting fundamentals play a vital role in business decision-making processes.  They do not necessarily dominate but do represent financial costs.  They also affect short and long-term financial goals.


To protect the going concern of your business, obtain Entity Structuring, Accounting, and Taxation (ESAT) advice to ensure your goals, intentions, and compliance concerns are met before and after formatting.


Why our Clients Choose Us

  • To be compliant from inception
  • To resolve structuring, management and financial inconsistencies
  • To resolve going concern issues


Strategic structuring, accounting (financial / managerial), taxation, and education services from The Kally Group allow our clients to focus on the purpose and going concern of their businesses.


Business owners and their officers that work with us improve:





Financial Independence

Knowledge Beyond Numbers

Our principals and subject matter expert have over 45 years of experience in:

  • Entity Structuring (sole proprietorships, profit & non-profit corporations, limited liability companies)
  • Accounting (financial, managerial, report generation)
  • Taxation (individual, corporate, trusts, estates)
  • Going Concern (inception, growth, maturity, decline)
  • Entrepreneur Education and Financial Literacy

SUCCESS in business...

The choice is yours.



The Going Concern of Business

Once formed, an entity will continue for an indefinite period.




Learn how TKG can assist with your entity's

success and going concern.  [view]

The Entrepreneur Education Division's Financial Literacy Youth Initiative

Strengthening Your Mind and Body

A = Academic + Anatomic Achievements


The Entrepreneur Education Division's financial literacy  youth initiative's mission is to educate, empower, and elevate our youth's knowledge base, enabling them to compete and make factual informed decisions.  To achieve this, we have partnered with Meir Schmeider, Ph.D, LMT, founder of San Francisco's School for Self-Healing and French D. Pope, Jr., former Junior Mr. DC and Pan American Physique Champion, and now a Certified Group and Personal Trainer to offer insights on personal health and wellness.


Choosing The Kally Group to assist in your business endeavors will not guarantee success; no firm can ethically make that claim, but it may lessen your chance of failure.




Our Mission

Building accountable and proactive business communities.


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