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The Kally Group, established in 2004, is an entuty structuring, management, and entrepreneurial education firm that provides accounting, tax planning, and education service to new and existing businesses.  We are not just an accounting firm.  We are not just a tax preparation service.  The Kally Group is a unique firm that incorporates its services with the rules of the governing corporate regulatory agencies to provide innovative solutions to assist the going concern of your business.





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Introducing Youth to Entrepreneurship was written to exceed States standards in providing information concerning financial literacy.  It offers clear and concise explanations of why financial knowledge is important in our social-economic environment.  This book will prepare the reader for the realities of acquiring financial awareness as it relates to entrepreneurship, as well as other chosen career paths. 


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Knowledge Beyond Numbers

Our principals and subject matter expert have over 40 years of experience in:

  • Accounting (financial, managerial, report generation)
  • Taxation (individual, corporate, trusts, estates)
  • Going Concern (inception, growth, maturity, decline)
  • Entity Formation (sole proprietorships, profit & non-profit corporations, limited liability companies)


Why People Choose The Kally Group

  • To be compliant from inception (do it right, sleep at night)
  • To resolve compliance concerns (acquire knowledge to correct inconsistencies)
  • To resolve compliance issues (improper structuring, inaccurate financials, etc.)



Choosing The Kally Group to assist in your business endeavors will not guarantee success; no firm can ethically make that claim, but it may lessen your chance of failure.



A look inside The Kally Group


"Achieving Financial Independence through Entrepreneurship" is a training program consisting of a series of workshops and seminars.



Financial Literacy

Youth Financial Literacy Program consists of materials created by The Kally Group's Training Division.



Business Sense News

Information offered as a public service to assist business owners in making informed decisions.



Videos - Coming Soon

Videos and 2-D animations productions on various business topics.




Our Mission

Building accountable and compliant business communities.


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