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The Kally Group is a business services and entrepreneur education firm that assists business owners to solve formation, financial management, and continuity issues.  This means more than just preventing accounting or tax irregularities.  It's about addressing circumstances (e.g. misinformation from the internet, non-compliance problems, and financial mismanagement) that can lead to the dissolution of your business.


Our educational seminars and workshops are based on real-life scenarios and backed by our ample experience in entity formation, accounting, and taxation as well as our knowledge of the regulatory agencies' requirements and State Business Code.  Our goal is to encourage business owners and their officers to take a proactive approach in operating their organizations.



How it All Began...


It all started when TKG's founder, Ronnie Jones, JD realized that many business owners often waited until a costly incident, such as a worker classification dispute, income, payroll, or occupational tax payment deficit, or an administrative dissolution occurred before dealing with the issue.  As a business owner, author, and subject matter expert in entrepreneurship, he came to believe that the amount of time, money, and energy spent on arbitration, penalties, and interest could have been avoided in the first place.  Convinced that these issues could be solved, he set out to develop a unique educational program that would finally address the underlying causes of business failure.


What started as an accounting and tax practitioner's mission is now a first of its kind, diversified educational resource for entrepreneurship and financial literacy education for adults and youth.


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